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Four Direct Mail Dos and Don'ts

We received this direct mail piece today and made an educated guess that they spent a ton of money on a piece that won't see much ROI because of bad design.

First, the sender personalized the postcard with a name, personalized Google street image of a home, and messaging that a roof was replaced recently. This is smart (personalization goes a long way) but very expensive. Here's what would make this piece more effective:

  1. The image of the home is covered by a tree when the postcard suggests that we can save on insurance because we recently replaced our roof. Maybe this was a fluke, but skipping the image from Google street view technology or at least making sure the house or roof appears in the image would be better.

  2. The return address is unreadable because it's on a picture.

  3. The headline about decreasing insurance rates is also unreadable.

  4. Google isn't capitalized

Among many other things, they would have been better off ditching the photo on the right (image 1) and replacing the maps (image 2) with the headline about dropping insurance rates.

When working with a new designer, always ask to see samples of their work and don't be afraid to give them feedback about how you want your piece to look.

Better yet, schedule a free mini-strategy session with us! We have experience developing direct mail strategies and working with designers to create pieces that will make people excited about you and your brand!



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