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Arts Marketing
& Audience Development

Arts organizations that put their audience in the spotlight will fill the house.

We work with you to make sense of the chaos and make a plan, so your audience can't wait for the next show.

Count on us to be your steady partner on anything from strategic guidance to tackling Tessitura or executing a campaign — all while helping you find ways to be relatable to your audience members.


You also won't be left figuring out how to implement a lofty plan. We can execute it ​for you so you can focus on your endless to-do list. Or help you prioritize and get efficient execution systems in place that work for you and your team.​


Get started on your special project now and schedule your free mini-strategy session.

Or, get to know us better at one of our Executive Roundtable Discussions.

Strategic Marketing Plan & Playbook

Develop creative and data-driven strategies for increasing your subscription, group, and new audiences. You'll also get a detailed playbook for how to bring your plan to life.

Review your audience journey at each touch point and recommend short and long-term marketing and audience development strategies and tactics.

Partner with you on planning exciting season announcements with less stress.

Fractional Marketing Department

Need extra hands on deck? We can help you implement our recommendations, ticket sales campaigns, or manage special projects like a website redesign. 


Please click here to view packages that are customizable to your needs. 

Tessitura & Ticketing Solutions

Assess current Tessitura setup and recommend out-of-the-box and custom enhancements that make your marketing and audience development strategies successful.


Help you make a plan for upgrading to v. 16 and provide support.

Review TNEW / ecommerce pathway and create an improvement roadmap.

Provide training to staff or assist staff with strategizing best business practices.

Implement Tessitura projects.

Marketing Operations

Get marketing that breaks down silos. Create systems and evaluate technology so you and your team can stop scrambling and start working ahead as a cohesive team. 

Research and Analysis

Start building your audience with confidence. Develop insights and make sense of your Tessitura data and information from other sources, so you can move forward with more effective strategies.

Click here to learn about our Audience Insight Accelerator Package.

Let's Get to Know Each Other Better

Network with your industry peers and get to know us better at a casual and pitch-free Executive Roundtable Discussions.


" has made an incredible difference in our marketing quality and overall excellent understanding of our industry but many others as well." 

— Jay Pastucha, Oil Lamp Theater

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