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Tessitura Services

In partnership with Anastassia Lavrinenko

Your secret ingredient for selling more tickets, building your audience, and getting more donors. 

Arts organizations need a thoughtful ticketing set-up and a well-managed system to thrive.


Tessitura was built to adapt to every organization's unique needs. This also means that mastering the system, obtaining crystal-clear data and insights, or even activating a new feature can often feel intimidating to staff and be time-consuming. 


We'll work with you to create solutions and processes that are tailored to your organization, so you have a system that works for you and even start to have fun with it. 

We Can Help With

Using Tessitura to Its Fullest Potential

Determine the right business practices that produce the reporting you want and are efficient for you and your team.

Decode Tessitura's documentation and even write custom documentation that breaks down silos and gets everyone on the same page. 

Ongoing Support

Get phone-a-friend support for resolving tricky issues.


Ticket purchase pathway audit to improve the audience experience and help you sell more tickets.


Season announcement planning and builds. 

Version 16 Upgrade Plan & Playbook

Review processes and policies and decide what needs to change, so the new version works for you.

Develop a clear plan in an easy-to-use format that tells you what you need to test and fix before you go live.

Roadmap that prioritizes what features to activate first.

Special Projects

Get done-for-you help with your upcoming special projects like website redesigns, mobile ticket activation, Analytics set up and analysis, and more.

Your Tessitura Team

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Nicole Wetzell

  • Almost 20 years of marketing and ticketing
    experience and 10 years using Tessitura.

  • Most memorable ticket management event: An Evening with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

  • Secret Tessitura trick: adding an image to a Pricing Rule. 

Anastassia Lavrinenko.JPG
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Anastassia Lavrinenko

  • Over 10 years of ticketing experience, primarily with Tessitura and TNEW.

  • Favorite part of working with Tessitura is the sense of community and knowledge-sharing with organizations all around the world.

  • Secret Tessitura trick: using dummy offers to allow for multiple offers in the same Mode of Sale. 


" has made an incredible difference in our marketing quality and overall excellent understanding of our industry but many others as well." 

— Jay Pastucha, Oil Lamp Theater

Take Tessitura to the Next Level.

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