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NEW Consulting is a boutique firm that takes the time to learn about your goals and how you attract, engage, and reward your customers. We work with you to create and execute unique marketing, growth, customer service, and management strategies that work for your business and cause people to be enthusiastic about your brand. Juggling all the moving people and parts of executing the plan is time-consuming, and we can also handle all of that so you can focus on other things.

Specific services include:

Marketing plans | Marketing during COVID-19 | Brand development & strategy | Growth strategy | Program development | Market research & data analysis Promotional & special offer strategy | Event planning 

Image of marketing book and paper on a desk

Direct mail | Email | Social media | Content marketing PR | Grassroots marketing | Copywriting & editing Call/sales campaigns | Database hygiene | Website project management & maintenance | Video and sound production/editing | Post-campaign analysis

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Customer service policies | Customer service during COVID-19 | Recommendations for user experience on/offline | Managing customer expectations | Loyalty programs

Customers with Shopping Bags

Building a team | Onboarding & training processes Leadership | Fostering a positive culture 

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Arts & cultural organizations need someone with a unique set of skills to build audiences.
Developing new revenue streams | Ticketing | Pricing strategy | Group & subscription programs | Journey from ticket buyer to donor | Tessitura (CRM) |Tessitura Analytics


COVID-19 (coronavirus) caused the industry to take a devastating intermission. Please connect for assistance on new revenue streams or creating a welcome back plan when it's time to reopen. 

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