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Back to Basics — Two Marketing & Customer Service Updates that Take 20 Minutes

Updated: 12 hours ago

Updated on 4.22.2024

Hello, Captain Obvious.

That's how we feel when we write and recommend marketing and customer service basics. We're talking outgoing voicemail, email auto-replies, keeping hours updated, and everything on our downloadable checklist.

Marketing and customer service are usually among the busiest departments, and sometimes, the basics fall by the wayside. I don't judge here, but you're leaving money on the table if you're not communicating the basics to your customers.

Here are a couple of things you can do today in 10-20 minutes to make sure your customers can support you.

Your phone/voicemail

It always surprises us when any small business does not have voicemail set up, updated, and covered by staff. It's free and doesn't take much time. Make sure the outgoing messages on your phone system tell people:

  • If you're open.

  • Your latest hours

  • Visit your website for more details

  • Tell your customers if your business is busier and it may take longer to call back. (Bonus: give them a time frame on when they can expect to hear from you. Stick to it.)

Your digital space

Make a list of all the places where your business has an online presence. Follow the link below to download our checklist to get started. You can go into more detail on your website and on social media to ensure that your customers know what to expect before they go to your business. When you manage your customer's expectations, you won't have to have as many awkward conversations.

Make a reminder to review the basics on at least a quarterly basis.

Back to Basics Marketing Checklist
Download PDF • 74KB

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