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2024 Marketing and Customer Experience Trends To Watch

As we say goodbye to 2023, another year of transformative change and uncertainty in technology, business, and our communities continue to evolve at an unprecedented pace, including in marketing and customer service. As we look ahead, here are the trends that we think will shape the marketing arena in 2024.

Artificial Intelligence Stays in the Spotlight

Artificial intelligence (AI) firmly established itself as a part of marketing strategies in 2023. It will only continue to expand and integrate into our daily lives. It's wise to embrace AI as a valuable tool instead of hiding from it. Marketers can anticipate significant time savings as AI lends a helping hand in tasks such as copywriting, photo editing, and video creation.

On the customer experience front, AI-powered personalization will start to assist people with making their purchase decisions as they navigate choice overload. Customer service representatives also benefit from generative AI, enabling quicker and more personalized responses. To stay ahead, consider optimizing your website and products for AI, not to mention incorporating AI-friendly SEO practices.

Quick Tip: Begin optimizing your digital presence for AI (and not SEO) to stay ahead of the curve.

Create an AI communications plan to build trust.

The HubSpot State of AI Report reveals that many business professionals, particularly in marketing, already leverage AI. Any marketing campaign influenced by AI will shape brand narratives, consumer perceptions, and people’s decision-making processes. As more businesses integrate AI into their operations, transparency will become paramount to building trust. You don't want to lose it. As you continue to use AI in your marketing campaigns and customer experience strategies, put a communications plan in place. It should explain how you're using AI to your customers and how you're using their data.

Quick Tip: Communicate clearly about how AI is used in your campaigns to foster a sense of awareness and confidence among your customers.

Sustainability and Ethical Marketing Continue to Gain Ground

Between rapidly changing technology and our current societal environment, many people feel uncertain about the future and even have a pessimistic outlook. Many events and trends caused people to have heightened awareness about the impact of businesses on society.

Customers, especially younger people, increasingly base their purchase decisions on more than the price and perceived value of a product or service, preferring to support brands aligned with their values. Showing, and not simply talking about, your commitment to environmental responsibility, fair labor practices, and healthy workplace culture will go a long way toward building lasting connections with your current and potential customers.

Collecting First-Party Data: A Must-Have Strategy

Privacy regulations have tightened, and the implementation of GA4 this year continues to pose challenges for digital advertisers. To navigate these changes, prioritize lead generation campaigns that directly collect first-party data, including contact information. This approach provides a more accurate understanding of your customers, allowing you to tailor campaigns, enhance experiences, and foster long-term relationships—all while respecting consumer privacy. Click here for our tips on navigating privacy online and first-party data.

Video Marketing Continues to Serve as a Dominant Force

The power of video marketing, especially short-form content, continues to grow. According to Wyzowl's 2023 Video Marketing Statistics, people now dedicate 17 hours per week to online video consumption, with a staggering 89% stating that watching video content has influenced their purchasing decisions. Craft a cohesive video strategy, incorporating product tutorials, customer testimonials, and more, to harness the full potential of this dynamic medium. Click here to watch our video marketing best practices.

Quick Tip: Prioritize creating video that's no more than 60 seconds.

Pivot to Positivity in Marketing

In a world of uncertainty and negative news, people actively seek joy and escapism. Since November 2019, searches for "how to have more fun in life" have seen a significant uptick. You can help to fill this desire for more fun and levity by showing how your product or service already brings this into your customers' lives and adding a marketing strategy that brings joy, resonates with optimism, and offers a welcome escape from the challenges of everyday life.

The only thing we can guarantee about next year is more change and many twists and turns. Embracing these trends will keep your brand relevant and help build lasting connections with people.

Stay agile and transparent, and, above all, continue to learn about your customers' ever-changing needs, desires, and preferences and keep your products and services aligned with them.

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