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Spring Predictions for Customer Service and Support

63% of service and support leaders say improving their operations is among their most important goals for 2023. As these turbulent economic conditions persist, customer experience (CX) programs will gain increased prominence in 2023.

Two computer users reading data with customer support icons over laid.

Customer service key components of a good buying experience should include fast issue resolution, knowledgeable agents, and easy access to client knowledge are the latest top priorities for successful client relationships.

Customer Service & Support Spring Predictions

The rise of self-service

Resources-strapped businesses turn to automation as a result of inflation highs and lows. Many businesses will have to reflect on and analyze their customer experience to understand what parts should be automated.

As in-person shopping returns, brands have stopped focusing on digital services

In 2023, businesses of all sizes will have to strike a better balance between online and offline customer experience to keep customers satisfied.

A number of online retailers are experimenting with ways to replicate the in-store experience, such as trying before buying. For example, Amazon’s Try Before You Buy program allows customers to order clothing and other items online and try them at home for seven days, at which time they can return or purchase the items.

Social customer service led by marketing departments

Less than 8% of organizations said their customer service team was exclusively responsible for providing customer service on social and messaging apps. Almost half (49%) of organizations said that social customer service was usually or exclusively the responsibility of the marketing team.

However, only 21% feel they do a good job servicing customers on social channels, according to a survey by the CMO Council and IBM.

Be sure to check in with your marketing managers to see what is needed to provide great social customer service. This may result in new positions, training methods, & client knowledge accessibility. Overall, in 2023 marketing & social media managers should be included in high-level meetings.

Phygital Experiences on the Rise

Phygital blurs the line between physical and digital channels to create a consistent omnichannel experience. For example, Sephora uses augmented reality to enable customers to virtually try on makeup to help them decide whether or not to buy an item.

A strong phygital experience requires taking the best elements of your digital strategy and combining them with the best elements of a physical strategy. Allowing your customers the choice of interacting in person or online with your products and services.

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