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Marketing Trends You Need to Know

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Consumer attitudes and preferences are rapidly changing; 2023 might see markets focusing on how to incorporate data to find and engage target audiences.

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The latest marketing trends for success

More inclusive media planning

According to Google, a single person sees almost 2 million ads per year. Making it easier for people to view themselves authentically in almost 2 million different ways and for brands and ads to connect with future prospects.

Companies should routinely review their media strategies. Be sure to check target audience reach and look for any biases in keyword and topic exclusions.

Get to Know Your Customers by Using Deeper Data

Believe it or not, all generations favor buying products in-person at a store instead of online or anywhere else, but this preference decreases significantly with age. 20% of Boomers have chosen a product based on it being made by a small business in the past three months. But at the same time, 37% of Gen X have purchased a subscription plan for a physical product in the past three months. By understanding consumer behavior trends and analyzing purchase pathways, you can determine optimal forms of payment, shipping, and communication strategies that will attract new customers and lead to success.

Focusing on Customer Experience

Customers expect a personalized, tailored experience that speaks directly to their needs, which means marketers must look at the entire experience — from advertising to welcoming customers — someone has with their brand.

So many businesses are currently leveraging strategies that focus on experience like influencer marketing, mobile-friendly website design, short-form video content, virtual events, & experiential marketing in their strategies. Every action taken is aimed at enhancing the value of the customer experience. This means that the emphasis on customer experience will inevitably increase over time.

Interactive Content

81% of marketers agree this low-cost, high-impact content strategy is more effective at grabbing potential buyers’ attention than static content.From social media polls and quizzes to website calculators and widgets, interactive content can take many forms, all of which promote audience engagement. By providing interactive content, you can enhance the customer experience, gather valuable data, foster brand loyalty, and gain insights into your audience's interests.

What market trends are you following in 2023?

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