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Blog Trends You Should Know About

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

According to a late 2021 survey among content marketers, 42% of respondents stated that they expect their content budgets to increase over the next year.

One digital area you should consider enhancing as content marketing budgets increase is blogging. Social Media Today says that people in the U.S. spend 3X more time on blogs than email. Businesses that blog also get 55% more website visitors than businesses that don't.

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Blogs are essential in any effective marketing strategy. At its most basic, blogs can help you develop an online presence, prove yourself an expert in an industry, and attract more quality leads to all pages of your site.

Here are some of the latest blog trends.

Visual Content Help Blogs

The metrics have consistently shown that visuals significantly boost engagement. Not only do visuals help your layout, but it also makes your posts more enticing by breaking up written content. It also aids when you're ready to promote your blog content on social media platforms.

How-To Articles Are the Most Popular Blog Content Pillar

In a 2019 survey, 77% of respondents claimed to have published a how-to-article within the past 12 months.

Long Blog Content is Gaining in Popularity

It seems long blog content is on the rise. Hubspot's analysis of their blog posts showed articles with a word count between 2,250 and 2,500 earned the most organic traffic.

Engaged Users Prefer Research Data to Content

As a lot has happened in these unprecedented times, it can be hard to distinguish opinionated-based statements from factual statements. 74% say that content containing stats and data is more trustworthy.

Mobile First Format Is Critical to Your Audience

Mobile optimization is currently one of the most sought-after designs. If you're browsing the internet, there's about a 51% chance that you're doing it on your phone. Meeting your audience where they are leads to more brand awareness, loyalty, and revenue.

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