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Our Favorite Arts Social Media Accounts

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Creating a strong social media presence for an arts and culture organization involves a combination of strategic planning & engaging content.

Here are a few of our favorite arts and culture organizations on social media:

1. Art League Houston

The mission of Art League Houston is to connect the community through diverse, dynamic, and creative experiences that bring people together to see, make, and talk about contemporary visual art. Their social media content truly captivates their audience with a perfect mixture of intriguing stories about their exhibitions, inspiring community programs, and fascinating spotlights on talented artists.

Follow on Instagram @artleaguehouston.

2. Ballet Lubbock

Ballet Lubbock aims to involve community members by offering easy-to-access dance programs. Their Facebook social strategy effectively showcases their mission by featuring content that highlights their educational, outreach, and community engagement initiatives. They achieve this by sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses, audience participation, and event collaborations.

Follow on Facebook @Ballet Lubbock.

3. Save the Music

Save the Music Foundation helps schools in the country to teach music education. They use TikTok to show people how music education can change lives for the better. They have videos of students playing music at school and home from different places in the country.

Follow on TikTok @savethemusic.

4. Seattle Art Museum

Seatle Art Museum's mission is to connect art to life through innovative exhibitions, educational programs, and an extensive collection. It's exciting to see how their YouTube strategy showcases art pieces and collections, including interviews with artists, spotlights on pieces, and a contemporary opinion series that helps them connect with artist communities.

Follow on Instagram @SeattleArtMuseumTV.

5. Arts Administrators of Color

The Arts Administrators of Color Network is all about networking and building communities through the arts. They are passionate advocates who are committed to promoting equity in the arts. Their Instagram presence is simply amazing! Their use of visual themes and data is great, and they connect with their audience through services, information, and resources. AAC is the place to be for all artists and arts enthusiasts who are looking for a supportive community.

Follow on Instagram @artsadminofcolor.

Understanding that what makes a good social media page can vary depending on the goals and people the organization wants to reach. What works for one group may not work for another, and it's crucial to remember that social media pages can change over time. Regularly checking and evaluating the page is helpful.

Are you considering shaking things up and reevaluating your strategy?

Take the first step and click here to schedule a complimentary mini-strategy session.

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