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Our Favorite Features in Tessitura v. 16

Updated: 12 hours ago

We just completed our first client upgrade to Tessitura Version 16. The transition was no small feat that included a lot of planning, project management, and testing, but the enhanced functionality and features make it all worthwhile. Our team is practically weeping tears of joy at the upgrades, especially in the search and filter capabilities that have been integrated into various facets of the constituent profile, segmentations (formerly extractions), reference tables (formerly system tables), and more.

We wanted to share our favorite new features and what you can expect from Tessitura Version 16. From web-based user interfaces to analytics and digital wallet integration, there's a lot to look forward to that will make your organization run more efficiently, allowing you to focus more on your audience.

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A Change in Terminology

First, if you’re a veteran Tessitura user, you'll encounter a shift in terminology. Extractions, for instance, are now referred to as segmentations, and system tables are transforming into reference tables. These changes reflect Tessitura's commitment to clarity and precision in its interfaces.

Web-Based UI

First, Tessitura is transitioning to a web-based user interface, marking a significant shift in how it looks. You'll notice that many areas of Tessitura now resemble List Manager in version 15, which means there are more searching and filtering capabilities throughout the system, with more enhancements on the horizon. This redesign is poised to streamline your day-to-day operations and enhance your user experience.

Highlights on New and Improved Features in Tessitura Version 16

Tessitura Version 16 comes with exciting features and improvements, particularly in the areas of marketing, ticketing, and customer service. Let's explore some of the highlights:


One of the most exciting aspects of Version 16 is the revamp of the Analytics module. Here's what you can look forward to:

1. Interactions Cube: This feature tracks patron activities that aren't directly tied to monetary transactions. It allows you to monitor actions like opened emails, CSIs, attendance at cultivation events, and more. By analyzing these interactions in aggregate, you can determine whether they lead to ticket purchases, new subscribers, or donations.

Recommendation: To fully leverage the Interactions Cube, it's essential to create and enter source codes accurately. Now is the time to review and refine processes related to source codes, such as naming conventions, source code entry procedures, and the generation of extractions (or segmentations in Version 16).

2. Artificial Intelligence Integration: Tessitura is infusing artificial intelligence into Analytics, introducing exploration paths. These paths provide suggested charts and insights based on the data you're analyzing, empowering you to make data-driven decisions with ease.

3. Predictive Forecasting: Version 16 introduces predictive forecasting and modeling for ticket sales, giving you a powerful tool to anticipate and plan for future ticketing trends.

Digital Wallet Integration

Tessitura Version 16 brings with it digital wallet integration. This means that patrons can conveniently add their digital tickets to their Apple or Google wallets. Out-of-the-box mobile ticket sharing, which allows customers to share mobile tickets with their guests while enabling you to collect valuable contact information is on the road map. This functionality is now available through third-party partners.

Recommendation: If you haven't already started, now is an ideal time to transition from Print-at-Home (PAH) to mobile ticketing to offer your patrons a more convenient and secure ticketing experience.

Memberships Memberships in version 16 are now streamlined and allow you to easily track benefits that are being used. For example, discounted or free tickets can be applied to a membership and you can also track it. This makes it easier to create a membership as a subscription model, so people can get their membership tickets online.

These enhancements empower you to work smarter, engage patrons effectively, and provide a seamless ticketing experience. So, embrace the change and get ready to make the most of this transformative version!

As the arts world continues to evolve amidst an uncertain landscape with rapidly changing consumer behavior and tastes, Tessitura Version 16 ensures that you and your team are better equipped to bring joy to your audience members through the arts.

Preparing for your upgrade takes hours of planning, project management, and communication. It's also a great opportunity to re-think your current business practices. NEW Marketing Solutions can help with your upgrade so you and your staff have more time to build your audience. Click here to schedule a mini-strategy session to talk more about getting strategic project management support for your upgrade.

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