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Case Study: Complete Vision Care Brand Refresh & Web Redesign

NEW Consulting enjoyed working with Oak Lawn's Complete Vision Care (CVC) on a brand refresh and website redesign.

We worked with Chirp Design on updating their logo with a bolder and more eye-catching shade of green. They also reimagined the brand color palette with bolder, autumnal hues that complement the unique decor within the clinic. Chirp Design also updated the typography (fonts) to reflect the warm, friendly, and high-quality care CVC provides to its patients. Chris Guillen Photography also took stunning brand photos, which truly communicated the quality of care patients receive at CVC.

During the web redesign, we streamlined the site's navigation and how patients communicate with the staff, added patient testimonials, and focused on communicating the core services and values:

  • Top-notch and friendly exams

  • Cutting edge technology

  • A large selection of eyewear

Since we finished this project, CVC has experienced increased web traffic and a longer engagement time on the site.



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