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Ways People Can Support Small to Medium Businesses Online

The pandemic accelerated the adoption of technology and how people think, feel, behave, and spend their money by many years.

Although technology, social media/selling, and e-commerce have excellent benefits, small to medium-sized businesses and nonprofits that are not household names can easily get lost in the noise of the content and advertising that's published every second without a big budget.

The good news is that supporting local businesses is a trend, and your customers and employees can help increase your presence. Here are some ways you can ask your customers to help you with your website, signage, eblasts, and more.

Write An Online Review

Online reviews help increase your SEO and build trust among potential customers. We don't see businesses and nonprofits asking for reviews enough. A great place to ask for reviews is in a post-purchase eblast, email confirmations, and receipts.

Keep Hitting Like

Any engagement with content helps increase visibility to other netizens everywhere, and liking a post takes minimal effort.

Comment Comment Comment

Ask if they'll give feedback via comments. Not only will your comment motivate them, but it can also be helpful. Your comment may also help businesses identify gaps in products/services. Pro tip: Once you start receiving comments, be sure to respond to them.

Sharing Is Caring

Create content that is fun to share, and ask your customers to share it. This helps the brand connect with people who may enjoy the brand's product and service.

Save Content You Enjoy

Many netizens prefer not to like content because they want to keep some of their views private from other people. The save feature is another way to increase the chances of content being seen online, while not making your views available for all to see.

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