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Audience members in a theatre

Audience Insight Accelerator

Get candid feedback from your new audiences and actionable marketing strategies.

Enjoy welcoming them back during your 2024-25 Season.

Image by Christian Dubovan

90% of first-time arts and culture ticket buyers leave your venue, never to return for another show.

The Audience Insights Accelerator sheds light on your first-time attendees and newer audiences. Using a combination of surveys and one-to-one interviews, you'll uncover:

  • Experience Analysis: What they really thought of their entire experience — from purchasing tickets to leaving your venue.

  • Public Perception: What they're saying about you. 

  • Attrition Insight: Why they're not returning.

  • Re-engagement Triggers: What will make them want to return.

  • Revenue Generation Opportunities: Identify new sources of income.

Get this transformational information while planning your 2024-25 Season. Scheduling your mini-strategy session here.

Audience Insight Accelerator

One Strategic Planning Session

Review your engaged audience demographics and discuss key insights you want to know.

Survey Your New Audience Members

We'll craft a series of questions for your new audience members to pinpoint what strategies would make them want to return to your venue.

One-to-One Interviews

We'll facilitate a 10-12 anonymous interviews that will unveil nuanced information on your audience, their perceived value of the experiences you create at your organization.

Findings and Recommendations

You'll receive a detailed report with actionable marketing and audience development recommendations for 2024-25. 


" has made an incredible difference in our marketing quality and overall excellent understanding of our industry but many others as well." 

— Jay Pastucha, Oil Lamp Theater

Get to know your new audiences.

Schedule your free mini-strategy session.

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