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Lead Magnet Launchpad

Most people browse your site and leave, never to return. 

Don't let your potential clients leave your site without a way to reconnect with them later — so they remember you when they're ready to take the next step,

The Lead Magnet Launchpad package creates an effective strategy and tool for collecting contact information of your potential clients in exchange for a small gift.

Here's what you'll get: 


✔️ Three lead magnet ideas for your firm.

✔️ We'll take one of those ideas and turn it into a lead magnet with high-quality content.

✔️ Activate a sign-up form on your website.


 ✔️ Provide email marketing tips.

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Ready to convert people who are just browsing into potential clients?

Schedule a quick call to see if we're a good fit for this special offer.

  • What's a lead magnet?
    A lead magnet is an incentive that a company offers to potential customers in exchange for their contact information.
  • What's the benefit of having one?
    Your potential clients may not be ready to take the step in the legal hiring process, and you don't want them to forget about you. Lead magnets allow you to reconnect with potential clients later, usually through an email marketing strategy.
  • What do lead magnets look like?
    Lead magnets can take many forms, but here are some examples: A webinar about estate planning A guide that informs potential clients about the legal process A check list for setting up a business
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