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Questions to Ask About Employee Engagement

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

At NEW Marketing Solutions, we often discuss marketing in the context of social media, e-blasts, customer service, advertising, and other public-facing strategies. Whether producing a memorable marketing campaign on the fly or proactively managing customers' expectations and needs, your employees are essential to meeting and exceeding goals, and you wouldn't be in business without them. What's happening behind the scenes is one of the most vital touchpoints of your customers' entire journey.

Gallup defines employee engagement as "the involvement and enthusiasm of employees in both their work and workplace," and that companies with happier employees show 147% higher earnings per share than their competitors. People who feel like they work for a company or organization that cares for them are more likely to feel invested in its goals or mission and make an effort to meet or exceed them.

Leaders often offer short-term solutions to employee engagement by providing parties, perks, mental health weeks, etc. The truth is, company culture and employee appreciation are rooted in the day-to-day life of your organization, not a few moments in time. But what does that look like?

First, one of the most challenging parts for managers is uncovering pain points related to employee engagement. There are always power dynamics between managers and employees, even in the best situations. Many people will leave out information or sugar-coat feedback. Take some time to really reflect on your leadership and what's happening in the office by asking these questions:

  • What are workloads like? Is there simply not enough hours in the day for someone to accomplish what you want? Could they be providing lousy service to customers because you're short-staffed?

  • Do you have a culture of accountability? Do you keep giving your best employees more and more work without really rewarding them while letting others skate? Do you allow toxic employees or managers to behave as they wish unchecked?

  • How do you treat your staff, especially when you're stressed out? If you have other managers, how do they treat their staff when stressed out?

  • Do you pay people well, or do a few people at the top get the lion's share of the profits?

  • Do you let customers be abusive to employees?

Once you answer these uncomfortable questions, the solutions may also feel uncomfortable. You'll also be on the path to finding long-term solutions for improving day-to-day office life for you, your employees, and the growth of your business or organization.

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1 Comment

Ashley Casati
Ashley Casati
Mar 23, 2022

Love this! Our employees are so valuable and we need to reflect as a business on how we can improve the culture of the company.


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